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Cangzhou Qi Run Detecting Instrument Co., Ltd., which was the former Nanpi XieLi Electronics Factory that was founded in 1996, is a professional production company for metallurgical industry detection, sensor and instrument. The company covers an area of 20000 square meters, construction area of 12000 square meters,and more than 200 employees. Qi Run owns many workshops sunch as stamping, machining, casting, paper tube, assembly, thermal instrumentation, research and other major production workshop. More than 95% of the parts have achieved self-control, which effectively reduces the cost and enhances the competitiveness of us. The molten steel sampler and fast thermocouple are the two key...

Categories and Products

Melting Steel Temperature Measurement

Disposable Expendable Thermocouple

High Temperature Disposable Expendable Thermocouple Industrial High Temperature Disposable Fast Thermocouple Industrial High Temperature Expendable Thermocouple Rapid Steelmaking Expendable Thermocouple R Type Industrial Rapid Expendable Thermocouple S Type Melting Furnace Expendable/Disposable Temperature Sensor Industrial Metal Temperature Probe Fast Reaction Sensor Expendable Thermocouple S Type Thermocouple with Thermocouple Protection Tube Industrial Usaged Consumable Fast Thermocouple Single Used Expendable Thermocouple Tips Platinum Melting Furnace Thermocouple Type S 604 for Molten Metal Probe Immersion Multi-time Thermocouple Tips Rapid Immersion-type Thermocouple S Type Fast Expendable Thermocouple Expendable Thermocouple for Molten Steel S Type Disposable Immersion Thermocouple Triangle Tips Expendable Fast Thermocouple Immersion Disposable Ceramic Thermocouple 

Anti Splash Disposable Thermocouple

Anti Splash Disposable Thermocouple Ceramic Anti Splash Expendable Disposable Thermocouple Splash Proof Thermocouple Anti Splash Temperature Sensor Expendable Anti-Splash S Type Temperature Sensor Non-splash R Type Foundry Thermocouple Anti-splash 602 Type Multiple Thermocouple Expendable Multiple Anti Splash Thermocouple R Type Anti-splash Thermocouple Probe Multiple Anti Splash Thermocouple Immersion Anti Splash Thermocouple Expendable Non-splash Fast Thermocouple Molten Metal Anti-splash Thermocouple 

Melting Steel Oxygen Measurement

High Oxygen Type Oxygen Probe

Probe for Temperature and Oxygen Measuring Industrial Temperature and Oxygen Sensor Oxygen and Temperature Sensor Tip for Steelmaking High Oxygen Probe for Steel Mill Oxygen Activity and Temperature Control Sensor High Oxygen and Temperature Sensor for Steel Oxygen Sensor for Molten Metal Disposable Oxygen Probe for Molten Metal Molten Steel Disposable Oxygen Probe High Quality Immersion Oxygen Sensor Disposable Oxygen Probe for Melting Furnace Oxygen Sensor for Molten Steel Disposable Oxygen Sensor Probe for Molten Steel Disposable Oxygen Probe for Molten Steel 

Low Oxygen Type Oxygen Probe

Low Oxygen and Temperature Sensor for Steel Low Oxygen Measuring Tool for Furnace Quality Low Oxygen and Temperature Probe Low Oxygen and Temperature Sensor for Steelmaking Oxygen and Temperature Probe 

Melting Steel Carbon Measurement

Expendable Rapid Carbon Determination Econ-O-Carb Carbon Determination Cup Foundry Ceramic Fiber Spoon Melting Furnace Ceramic Fiber Spoon Fiber Ceramic Sampling Spoon 1.5/2.5/3.5/6 inches Sampling Spoon 

Melting Steel Hydrogen Measurement

High Quality Hydrogen Probe for Steel Mill Molten Metal Plant Hydrogen Measuring Probe High Accuracy Hydrogen Probe for Molten Steel Measuring Instruments Hydrogen Probe for Molten Steel Immersion Hydrogen Probe for Steel Mill Immersion Steelmaking Industry Hydrogen Measurement Disposable Hydrogen Probe for Steel Mill Steelmaking Industry Hydrogen Measuring Probe Steel Mill Hydrogen Measuring Probe High Reliability Molten Steel Hydrogen Measurement Disposable Hydrogen Probe for Foundry Hydrogen Measurement for Steelmaking Industry Melting Steel Hydrogen Measurement Disposable Hydrogen Measuring Probe for Foundry Fast Response Hydrogen Probe for Melting Steel Steelmaking Industry Hydrogen Probe Fast Response Hydrogen Measuring Probe High Quality Steel Mill Hydrogen Probe Hydrogen Probe for Steelmaking Industry Molten Steel Hydrogen Measurement Probe 

Melting Steel Combination Sensor

3-In-1 Probe(Temperature, Oxygen & Sampler)

High Quality 3-In-1 Compound Probe Multi-function Compound Probe for Molten Steel Combination Measurement Compound Probe for Steel Mill Multi-functions Three-in-one Compound Probe Oxygen and Sampling Probe for Molten Steel S, R and B Type Compound Probe Analytical Sensor Immersion Compound Probe Steel Industrial Compound Sublance Probe Multi-function TOS Sublance Probe for Steel Mill Analytical Sensor 3-in-1 Compound Sublance Probe Multi-function Sublance Probe for Steel Mill High Accuracy S Type Vice-gun Sublance Probe 3 Functions Vice-gun Probe TSO Converter Vice-gun Compound Probe Compound Sublance Probe Manufactures Molten Metal Vice-gun Compound Probe Metal Detector Compound Sublance Probe Three Function Expendable Compound Sublance Probe 

2-In-1 Probe(Temperature & Sampler)

Analytical Sensor Compound Probe Temprature Sensor Supporting Steel Sampler 2-in-1 Compound Probe for Melting Steel B Type Compound Probe for Molten Steel 2-In-1 Compound Sublance Probe for Molten Steel 2-In-1 Sublance Compound Probe for Molten Metal 2-In-1 Analytical Tools Compound Probe Disposable 2-In-1 Compound Probe Immersion Temperature and Sampling Probe Industrial R Type Compound Probe Industrial 2-in-1 Compound Sublance Probe Multi-function 2 Head Sensor Sublance Probe Industrial 2 Head Compound Probe 2-in-1 Combination Measurement S Type Compound Probe 2-in-1 Compound Sublance Probe 

Melting Steel Sublance Measurement

3-In-1 Probe(Temperature, Carbon & Sampler)

3-In-1 Compound Sublance Probe Vice-gun Probe Meter Tool Industrial Compound Sublance Probe Vice-gun Compound Probe for Molten Steel TCS Compound Vice-gun Probe for Furnace TCS Vice-gun Compound Probe for Steel Mill Multi-function Sublance Probe for Casting TCS Sublance Probe for Steel Mill Analytical Sensor B Type Vice-gun Probe Disposable Vice-gun Sublance Probe Immersion Vice-gun Compound Probe 3-In-1 TCS Vice-gun Compound Probe 3 Head TCS Vice-gun Probe Vice-gun Compound Probe for Converter Analytical Sensor TSO Vice-gun Compound Probe Dynamic Control TCS Compound Probe 3-in-1 Compound Sublance Probe for Foundry 

4-In-1 Probe(Temperature, Oxygen,Carbon & Sampler)

4-In-1 Vice-gun Compound Probe 4-In-1 Vice-gun Probe For Steel Mill S Type Compound Vice-gun Probe Sublance Compound Probe for Steel Furnace 4-In-1 Sublance Compound Probe Disposable 4-In-1 Compound Sublance Probe Steel Mill Vice-gun Compound Probe High Quality Multi-Functions Probe Steelmaking 4-In-1 Vice-gun Probe 

5-In-1 Probe(Temperature, Oxygen,Carbon,Aluminum & Sampler)

5-In-1 Sublance Compound Probe 5-In-1 Vice-gun Compound Probe for Steel Work Compound Vice-gun Probe for Aluminum R Type Compound Vice-gun Probe B Type Compound Probe for Steel Mill Multi-functions 5-In-1 Probe for Steel Mill Multi-functions Vice-gun Probe for Carbon Converter Sublance Compound Probe Multifunctional 5-In-1 Compound Sublance Probe 

Melting Steel Sampling

2-In-1 Probe(Temperature & Sampler)

Compound Probe Meter for Steel Mill Temperature and Sampling Probe for Foundry 2-In-1 Probe for Steel Factory Use 2-In-1 Probe for Temperature and Sample Temperature and Sampling Tool for Steel Making Sampling And Temperature Sensor for Foundry Temperature Sensor And Sampler Compound Probe Compound Probe for Temperature Sensor And Sampling Temperature Tip And Sampling Compound Probe Temperature Sensors And Samplers Compound Probe 2-in-1 Probe for Temperature and Sampler Foundry Use Thermocouple and Sampler Compound Probe Compound Probe for Sampling and Test Temperature 

Immersion Round Sampler

Immersion Sampler for Molten Steel Sampling Passed ISO 9001 Standard Immersion Samplers Round Immersion Sampler for Molten Metal Usage Immersion Round Shape Molten Iron Sampler Tips Round Shape Immersion Sampler for Molten Steel Molten Steel Sampler for Steel Mill Usage 2-in-1 Round Shape Immersion Molten Steel Sampler Best Selling Immersion Molten Steel Round Sampler Best Selling Immersion Round Steel Sampler Disposable Round Sampler for Steel Liquid Round Shape Immersion Steel Sampler Head Round Immersion Molten Steel Sampler Tips Round Cup Dip Sampler for Steel Best Round Dip Molten Steel Sampler Samping Tool for Molten Steel Foundry Use Molten Steel Sampler with Round Cup Molten Steel Immersion Round Sampler 

Immersion Oval Sampler

Metallurgy Disposable Immersion Sampler ISO 9001 Standard Immersion Molten Steel Sampler Immersion Liquid Steel Metal Sampler Immersion Sampler for Molten Steel Foundry Aluminum Deoxidant Molten Steel Immersion Sampler Immersion Sampler for Molten Metal Immersion Sampler for Melting Furnace Usage Oval Shape Immersion Sampler for Molten Steel Immersion Sampler for Molten Steel with Deoxidant Disposable Immerse Sampler for Steel Industry Immersion Molten Steel Sampler for Steel Mill Immersion Molten Steel Sampler with Oval Shape Immersion Molten Steel Sampler with Paper Tube Deoxidant Immersion Molten Steel Sampler Steel & Cast Iron Melting Disposable Sampler Metallurgy Immersion Molten Steel Sampler Oval Shape Steel Sampler for Molten Steel Industrial Usage Sampler for Molten Steel 

Immersion Dual Thickness Sampler

Double Thickness Sampler for Molten Steel Passed ISO 9001 Immerse Molten Steel Sampler Immerse Sampler Probe for Molten Metal Immerse Double Thickness Sampler for Molten Steel Immerse Sampler for Molten Steel Mill Process Rust-Proofing Cap Immersion Molten Steel Sampler Double Thickness Shape Immersion Molten Steel Sampler Metallurgy Double Thickness Shape Immerse Sampler Double Thickness Sampler Passed ISO 9001 Molten Steel Sampler for Casting Disposable Steel & Cast Melting Sampler Immerse Molten Steel Sampler for Content Analysis Molten Steel Immersion Sampler with Deoxidant Immersion Molten Steel Sampler without Deoxidant Immersion Sampler Parts for Molten Steel Industrial Sampler for Molten Steel 

Stainless Steel Sampler

Best Selling Stainless Steel Sampler Injection Stainless Steel Samplers for Steel Factory Round Shape Injection Molten Stainless Steel Sampler Injection Sampler Tip for Molten Stainless Steel Protection Tube Injection Sampler for Stainless Steel 

Ultra-Low Carbon Sampler

Round Ultra-Low Carbon Sampler for Steelmaking Factory Molten Ultra-low Carbon Steel Sampler for Casting Immersion Ultra-low Carbon Steel Sampler Tips Immersion Sampler for Ultra-low Carbon Steel Ultra-low Carbon Immersion Molten Steel Sampler 

Ladle Stream Sampler

Best Selling Ladle Stream Sampler Expendable Crystal Sampler for Industry Industrial Usage Ladle Sampler for Industry Crystal Sampler for Steel Industry Industrial Usage Stream Sampler for Casting 

Vacuum Sampler

Liquid Metal Vacuum Sampler for Foundry Industrial Use Molten Steel Vacuum Sampler Vacuum Sampler for Combustion Analysis Vacuum Sampler for Steelmaking Foundry Immersion Vacuum Sampler for Molten Steel Vacuum Sampler for Metallurgy Process 

Pin Type Sampler

Molten Steel Pin Type Sampler Pin Type Sampler for Steel Factory Steel Industry Usage Syringe Type Sampler Pin Sampler for Molten Steel Pin Type Sampler for Steel Making Syringe Type Sampler for Steel-making Industry Pin Type Sampler for Steel Liquid Pin Type Sampler for Metal Factory Sampler for Steel-making Furnace Pin Type Molten Steel Pin Type Sampler for Foundry 

Injection Sampler

Injection Samplers for Molten Steel Injection Molten Steel Samplers for Furnace Injection Molten Steel Sampler for Steel Mill Injection Molten Steel Sampler for Steel Furnace Disposable Injection Molten Steel Sampler 

Melting Steel Instrumentation and Ancillaries

Temperature Measuring Instrument

Intelligent Temperature Instrument SW98A Molten Steel Temperature Measuring Instrument SCW-98A Molten Steel Microcomputer Thermometer Wall-Mounted Digital Thermometer SCW-98A 5-inch Smelting Steel Temperature Display Instrumentation Wireless SCW-98A Temperature Measuring Instrument 

Carbon Measuring Instrument

Melting Steel Carbon Measuring Instrument Elab-TC Industrial Carbon Multi-function Instrument Industrial Melting Steel Thermal Analysis Instrument Furnace Smelting Carbon Silicon Detector Smelting Carbon Silicon Analysis Equipment 

Temperature Lance

Thermocouple Lance Assemblies Industrial Molten Steel Lance Assemblies Rapid Thermocouple Temperature Gun High Temperature Molten Steel Temperature Gun Thermocouple Lance Assemblies for Wall-mounted Recorder 

Oxygen Lance

Molten Steel Oxygen Lance Steel-making Oxygen Sensor Lance Assemblies Refining Oxygen Content Special Beam Industrial Oxygen Lance Test Gun Industrial Oxygen Balance Test Gun 

Sampler Lance

Industrial Steelmaking Sampler Balance Handle Molten Steel Sampler Lance Molten Steel Immersion Sampler Lance Sampler Lance for Steel Mill Sampling Immersion sampler Lance used in Melting furnace 

Temperature Connector Block

B Type Thermocouple Connector Block Temperature Connector Block R Type Thermocouple Connector Block S Type Thermocouple Connector Block Disposable Thermocouple Connector Block Immersion Thermocouple Contact Blocks Expendable Immersion Thermocouple Receptacles Industrial Expendable Contact Block 

Oxygen Connector Block

Industrial Oxygen Measurement Connector Oxygen Determination Connector Block Oxygen&Temperature Determination Connector Block Molten Steel Oxygen Determination Linker Oxygen Determination Linker in Steelmaking 

Foundry Temperature Measurement

Single Disposable Thermocouple

Foundry Disposable Expendable Thermocouple Pt-Rh Expendable Immersion thermocouple High Temperature Fast Reaction Thermocouple Sensor Platinum and Rhodium Expendable Thermocouple Rapid Expendable Immersion Thermocouple 

Multi Immersion Thermocouple

Industrial Usage Proof Splash Thermocouple Multi-use Non-Splash Foundry Fast Thermocouple Temperature Recorder Theory Mult-Use Thermocouple Temperature Recorder Theory Mult-Use Immersion Thermocouple Splash proof & immersion thermocouple 

Foundry Thermal Analysis

Square Carbon Cup

Quick Response Thermal Analysis Cup Square Thermal Analysis Cup Quick Response Thermal analysis Cup with Tellurium Thermal Analysis Square Cup With Tellurium Square Type Thermal Analysis Sampling Cup 

Round Carbon Cup

Thermal Analysis Using Sample Round Cup With Tellurium Round Thermal Analysis Sampling Cup Circular Carbon and Sulphur Analyzer Carbon Cup Round Foundry Thermal Analysis Cup Rapid Foundry Thermal analysis Cup High Quality Carbon Cup in Steel Casting 

Foundry Sampling(Iron Smelting Copper Smelting)

Immersion Molten Iron Round Sampler

Immersion Round Molten Iron Sampler Tips Best Selling Immersion Molten Iron Round Sampler Molten Iron Sampler for Metal Mill Usage Round Shape Immersion Sampler for Molten Metal 2-in-1 Round Shape Immersion Molten Iron Sampler 

Immersion Molten Iron Residue Filtration Sampler

Immersion Molten Iron Residue Filtration Sampler Iron Slag Molten Iron Sampler for Foundry Immersion Sampler for Molten Iron with Slag Immersion Iron Slag Sampler for Iron Factory Metal Ladle Use Immersioni Iron Slag Sampler 

Injection Molten Iron Sampler

Injection Molten Iron Samplers for Furnace Injection Molten Iron Sampler for Iron Furnace Injection Samplers for Molten Metal Injection Molten Iron Sampler for Iron Mill 

Immersion Molten Copper Sampler

Round Shape Immersion Molten Copper Sampler Round Immersion Molten Copper Sampler Round Shape Cup Molten Copper Sampler Best Selling Immersion Molten Copper Sampler Round Shape Immersion Copper Sampler Tips 

Injection Molten Copper Sampler

Injection Molten Copper Sampler for Foundry 

Foundry Instrumentation and Ancillaries

Temperature Measuring Instrument

Foundry Handled Digital Thermometer W330 Portable Temperature Measuring Lance Wireless Temperature Measuring Instrument High Temperature Wireless Portable Thermometer High-Temperature Liquid Wireless Smelting Thermometer Smelting Iron and Steel Temperature Measuring Instrument Measurement Lance Compensation wire sheathed thermocouple Molten Metal W330 Portable Temperature Tester Stick Type Portable Pyrometer W330 For Foundry 

Sampler Lance

Immersion Sampler Lance for Melting Furnace Round Immersion Sampler Lance for Melting Furnace Smelting Sensor Immersion Sampler Handle Lance Double Thickness Immersion Sampler Lance Molten Iron Sampler Lance for Chemical Analysis 

Temperature Lance

Thermocouple Sensor Lance Assemblies CWQ Rapid Thermocouple Temperature Lance Disposable Thermocouple Temperature Lance Temperature Balance Bar in Foundry Thermocouple Sensor Lance in Casting 

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